The Success of Our Clients is Success for Us.

The achievement of our clients and startups mentored by us has been recognized globally.

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Tailor Made Solutions

Create a customized solution for your idea by outsourcing it to experienced engineers.

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Ensured Confidentiality of Commercial Secrets

When negotiating with us, we sign NDA as the first step and maintain strict confidentiality.

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Clutch Award for Best Hardware Developer

We are ranked among the top 5 global hardware design houses.

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Our Services

Research and Strategy

Check the viability of your project.

An account of the go/ no-go decision.

Gain insight into the wider application.

Enhance success rate by evaluating various parameters.

Prototype Development

Real-time functional model of your project.

Affordable solutions to your industrial problems.

Realization of involved complexities.

Architectural Development.


Test for functionality before going for large-scale production.

Reliable test planning, execution, and evaluation process.

Ensuring High-end quality testing.

Ensuring High-end quality testing.

Product Development

Final product as per your price and engineering needs.

Outsourcing market finished products.

International certificate compliant development.

Credible electronic hardware products Made in India.

Product Portfolio

  • Microscopic Light

    US based startup

  • Home Automation Device

    US based startup

  • Oven modification device

    Barry Los

  • Liquid Vending Machine

    India based Startup

  • Microscopic Light

    US based startup

    We made a microscopic light that can be placed at the bottom of the microscope. This light contains the strip of 64 LEDs with 27 different modes to change the focus point, which provides the user with a better vision of any object from every direction. It

    A future-proof, intuitive design with excellent engineering.